With the E-Learnings from 4PS Academy you can quickly upgrade your knowledge about essential topics. Wherever and whenever you want. With the knowledge you gain during the training you can immediately start working in your own practice. The E-Learnings from 4PS Academy brings your operational knowledge quickly up-to-date!

E­-learning trainings

With e-learning you choose a digital and flexible way to train your employees to use the package. We offer standard trainings, but we also offer trainings for customerspecific situations. The employee chooses himself at what time he will independently start working on this. 

Standard classroom-based training

Would you prefer to go back to basics? 4PS offers classical, standard training for modules every year. For example application management and reporting training. These trainings are scheduled on a fixed training schedule.

Work instructions

We offer you work instructions that u can use in the organization. Based on the standard, but specifically tailored to your processes. To train your (new employees), we also offer instruction videos in addition to work instructions.