Internet of Things

When we talk about digitization, the Internet of Things (IoT) is of course an unmissable topic. In recent years, IoT techniques have really taken off. More and more objects are able to provide information about their status. This offers enormous opportunities to work more efficiently. There can be various reasons why companies want to use IoT. For example, consider how much more efficient you can work if you gain insight into the operation of devices remotely. By making a link between your devices and machines and 4PS Construct, you are always immediately informed of a change, so that you always have up-to-date information. IoT can also play a major role in the field of safety on the construction site.

What is IoT?

Internet of Things refers to machines and devices that communicate with each other via networks. This has a lot of advantages:

  • Always current information

    By making a link between the BIM file and chips on the material, simply scanning those chips can always request up-to-date information. If something changes, the team on site is immediately informed.

  • Never lose anything again

    An IoT application is conceivable for all materials that are used during a construction and installation process. Also to know whether or not materials are already present on the construction site. That can prevent a lot of unnecessary driving back and forth.

  • A safe construction site

    With the help of IoT it is possible to have continuous insight into who is working where. Even if the construction site is very large. If something happens, you will immediately know who has been there and who you should talk to about it.

Step-by-step plan

How do you apply Internet of Things in your company?
1. View your existing processes and investigate where IoT can be of added value
2. Do a cost and benefit analysis and build a business case
3. Let yourself be supported by external IoT specialists
4. Start collecting relevant data
5. Learn, improve and optimize

Want to know more about applying IoT in your company? Read the whitepaper …

Smart window

A window with sensors that can collect data such as the weather forecast and the current temperature. The sensors send a message to the residents if, for example, rain is on the way and it is useful to close the window. Also: Sensors in frames: send data about the condition of the frame and the paint, so that you can see exactly when maintenance is required. (housing corporations)

Updates about the process

In the long term, IoT sensors can automatically report when a container is opened or when a certain filling level is reached so that it can be collected automatically. Containers that remain unused for a longer period of time can be used more efficiently thanks to this information.

Sensors for cars and people

Realize savings and a comfortable use of the building with sensors that measure the presence of cars and people. As a result, users can always immediately see in an app where parking spaces, workplaces and meeting rooms are available.

Sensors in houses

Sensors in houses measure the humidity and CO2 and warn of deviations, so that it is always safe and comfortable for the residents inside.

Sensors on the construction site

These sensors measure energy consumption, light radiation, noise and particulate matter. This prevents failure costs.

Shows when maintenance is required

IoT can show you when maintenance is required based on data. So you no longer have to schedule this periodically, but you can see when it is really necessary.

Exact location

The exact location of materials or tools can be tracked. This prevents you from losing things.

Measure danger

Personally worn sensors that can measure the dangers, for example if there are hazardous substances or if noises are a risk for employees.