Radio Holland

Radio Holland has offices in 20 countries. In order to properly compare things and optimize processes, it was necessary to switch to one ERP system. In the Netherlands, Radio Holland already worked on 4PS Construct. The choice to also work with 4PS Construct worldwide was an easy one.

About Radio Holland

In 1916 Radio Holland started processing telegrams and managing radio stations. Radio Holland is now known all over the world as the specialist in satellite and radio communication, navigation, automation and observation systems for shipping. The company has approximately 800 employees and offices in 20 countries. They are opening more and more offices in ports in other countries to provide customers with worldwide service.

The choice for 4PS Construct worldwide

Radio Holland has offices in 20 countries, all of which still worked with their own system, which was often outdated as well. This made it difficult to compare things with each other and to optimize processes. Collaboration was difficult. Radio Holland was already running on 4PS Construct in the Netherlands, but not yet in other countries. The choice for 4PS Construct worldwide was therefore an easy one. Now that the company has transitioned to one system globally, it has a lot more insight. Radio Holland can now optimize and compare processes. Curious about the whole story?

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