Microsoft awards: Tobias Fenster receives "Most Valuable Professional" and becomes Regional Director for the entire Microsoft portfolio


Tobias Fenster, Managing Partner of 4PS Bausoftware GmbH, has been named as Most Valuable Professional, or MVP, in the areas of Business Applications and Microsoft Azure. The MVP Award is given annually by Microsoft to a select few experts. What makes an MVP award so special? MVPs are leaders who demonstrate exemplary commitment and actively support others in the technology community with their unique knowledge, experience and innovative ideas. MVPs are of enormous importance to Microsoft, as they make valuable contributions to the community and also contribute to the success of Microsoft products.

Our tech expert Tobias Fenster has a profound knowledge of Microsoft products and services, is always up to date with the latest technology and also shares his passion and practical knowledge on his Tech blog by Tobias Fenster. There he writes about Dynamics 365 Business Central in conjunction with Docker and Windows Containers, but also about tools such as Azure DevOps and Visual Studio Code. He also talks to experts about specific technology topics in his podcast.

Tobias Fenster appointed to the circle of Regional Directors!

But that’s not all: he was also awarded the Regional Director (RD) award for the entire Microsoft portfolio. While the MVP titles primarily focus on technical depth, the RD title require comprehensive technological knowledge and strategic competencies. Both titles are awarded for a limited period of time and are reviewed regularly. There are only 140 Regional Directors worldwide, and one of them is our Managing Partner Tobias Fenster. Anyone who holds this title is not only familiar with technology and development, but can also confidently assess the needs of the market in order to position products and companies strategically in the market. We asked Tobias Fenster what the difference is between the two titles: “The MVP Award is primarily about very in-depth knowledge of individual product families in the Microsoft portfolio and the community work for them. For the Regional Directors, it’s more crucial to also contribute strategic and market knowledge across the board and beyond the Microsoft world. Therefore, I am very happy about the appreciation that both nominations express,” explains Tobias Fenster.

Docker Captain on top!

We also congratulate on the Docker Captain award. Docker Captains are selected community members who are both experts in their field and passionate about sharing their Docker knowledge with others, this has a huge impact on the Docker community.

So we couldn’t be more proud! Tobias Fenster stands out not only for his outstanding knowledge, but also for his passion and dedication. Ah yes, and when he’s not collecting awards, Tobias Fenster spends time with his family or playing basketball or tennis.

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