Microsoft Power Platform + 4PS Construct = a great combination!

Microsoft says the Power Platform is greater than the sum of its parts. But what do they mean exactly? What precisely is the Microsoft Power Platform, and what role does your ERP system 4PS Construct plays? This blog will tell it all!

Looking for modern solutions

Increasingly, organisations search for modern ways to collaborate and to communicate with colleagues, partners and customers. To achieve this, many start digitising and automating operational processes.

You have already taken a first, major step: digitise primary processes with your ERP solution, 4PS Construct. But apart from primary business processes, there are various smaller processes that can do with modernisation. Just consider how much paperwork you still use on site; how much is involved in onboarding new colleagues.

 Microsoft Power Platform: productivity booster

The Microsoft Power Platform is Microsoft’s answer to the growing need to improve operational processes quickly and easily with digital solutions. You can build apps and chatbots, visualise data and automate processes with the Platform. And all with a minimum of programming code, as the Power Platform is a low-code development platform. Developers can much faster, and cheaper, develop digital solutions customised to your needs and processes.

All Power tools in a row

The Power Platform consists of four separate applications, each supporting your company in a unique way. These are:

  • Microsoft Power Apps

Power Apps are used to develop operational applications and to digitise smaller processes in your organisation. Examples are apps for time accounting, apps to submit requests for leave, apps to register visitors on site.

  • Microsoft Power Automate

Power Automate automates repetitive processes using workflows; it is often used together with Power Apps. Power Automate can, for instance, automatically send data that was entered by staff in a Power App to 4PS Construct. This saves you work, leaving additional time for more valuable tasks. Your colleagues will be happier, and so will your customers!

  • Microsoft Power BI

A picture is worth a thousand words…; so, visualise your data in dashboards or reports. Thanks to hundreds of data connectors, you can combine data taken from 4PS Construct with data from, e.g., an external project management system. This provides understanding about your needs to make data-driven decisions.

  • Microsoft Power Virtual Agents

Power Virtual Agents help you communicate more efficiently with customers and colleagues. Chatbots answer frequently asked questions by colleagues about leave or tell tenants more about the status of their requests for repairs. AI tools in Virtual Agents ensure a continuous improvement of your chatbots.

The power of integration

The individual Power Platform parts by themselves add value to your company, but the real power of the Microsoft Power Platform undoubtedly lies in the unlimited integration possibilities. Not only are you combining various Power Platform tools, but thanks to data connectors you also link digital solutions to 4PS Construct or your other IT systems.

This is clearly great because this far-reaching integration with 4PS Construct offers wonderful opportunities. For example, have employees call off equipment or material on site with an app, without needing access to 4PS Construct. Or share a dashboard with data taken from 4PS Construct with partners without authorising them for your ERP system. Data that will be real-time, and accessible to all stakeholders. Safe and efficient.

Do not wait any longer and get started with Microsoft Power Platform

Do you want to know more about integration with the Microsoft Power Platform for your construction, civil engineering or installation company? Or interested to see how we are using the Power Platform for other 4PS customers? Download our e-book: “Getting started with Microsoft Power Apps? This is how you do it!” and be inspired!

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