HoSt Bioenergy Systems goes live with 4PS Construct in the Microsoft Cloud

After an implementation process of 10 months, HoSt Group is now live with 4PS Construct in the Microsoft Cloud. This producer of bioenergy solutions has not only chosen a cloud-based ERP solution, it is also the first ERP implementation at the company. For HoSt, this means a big step forward and many changes, but thanks to the efforts of HoSt and the 4PS consultants, we can look back on a successful implementation!

The Netherlands and France are leading the way

After HoSt made the choice to start with the implementation of 4PS Construct, several consultants of 4PS and team members of HoSt started the implementation of our all-in-one solution. The branches in the Netherlands and France are the first to start with 4PS Construct, based on their experiences, 4PS Construct will be optimized in the coming months. After that, implementation will continue in the USA, UK and Latvia.

Hard work is rewarded

Because HoSt did not yet have an ERP solution, the HoSt team members and 4PS consultants were challenged both technically and functionally. But hard work is rewarded, and partly due to the great involvement of HoSt, the acceptance test was passed with flying colours.

About HoSt Bioenergy Systems

The activities of HoSt are 100% focused on the technological development of waste-to-energy systems for the processing of biomass and waste streams and the supply of systems for the sustainable generation of energy from biomass and waste. HoSt has grown into a global organisation with over 200 engineers, a large service team across Europe, multiple offices in both the US and Europe, a large network of sales representatives and partner distributors, and bioenergy projects around the world.

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