BAM Mat is now live with the complete 4PS Construct solution!

BAM Mat Belgium has been live with 4PS Construct for a few weeks now! The collaboration between BAM Mat and 4PS started in 2019. Back then, the implementation process started and key users were introduced to the 4PS software. We are very proud that a major player such as BAM Mat followed the example of BAM International and opted for integrated software from 4PS.

Need for an integrated system 

Because BAM Mat has the ambition to grow, to simplify the business processes and to increase its reactivity (“delivery in full and on time”), they started looking for a new ‘rental’ software package. Previously, BAM used a number of separate tools which made their processes inefficient and prone to mistakesThis scenario is very common in construction and it is ideal for 4PS to realise its full potential and deliver efficiencies to a satisfied customer.  

Challenging multilingual project 

During the implementation process, it soon became clear that implementing the project in a multi-cultural environment at BAM Mat was going to be a challenge. With 4 languages being spoken in Belgium, having multi-lingual functionality within 4PS Construct was essential. In addition to the software implementation, a new equipment website was launched and all data was cleaned up. Even though it was certainly a big task, it ensured that both the organisation and the key users were fully ready to “go live”. This ultimately resulted in a successful project delivery. 

Further optimisation 

In the coming weeks, we will work on the stability of the system and the readiness of the users to make the most of the solutionFurthermore, the new equipment website will also be launched for external customers at the end of this month and further optimisation of the system will be carried out. This is when the implementation of the Field Service App and the Graphic Resource Planning will also be taking place.  


BAM Mat is one of the Business Units of BAM Belgium and part of the Royal BAM Group. With over 2000 employees, BAM Belgium specialises in infrastructure and road projects, industrial and hydraulic works and buildings. BAM Mat is responsible for all rental equipment at the various Business Units of BAM Belgium. They centralise the supply of materials (scaffolding, equipment, tower cranes, containers, etc.) at their sites in Ghent, Sint-Truiden and Liège. BAM Mat has approximately 150 employees in Belgium and is among the top employers in the country. 

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